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    Kayak, Canoe and Snowshoe in the Upper Mississippi River Valley!


    With Riverland Outfitters, you can relax! Whether it’s the season to paddle the river or snowshoe the bluffs, we’re here to help. We offer trip planning, trail maps, car-top carriers, delivery service and quality equipment - have a great time at an affordable price. Let us know what kind of experience you’re looking for and then leave the details to us.


    How wonderful to be out on the water on a hot Summer day! Or bird-watch amidst river islands in the Spring. Or paddle and marvel at the bluffs in Fall color. Or maybe it’s Winter, you have cabin fever and want to get outside! Whether it’s paddling to a quiet spot on the river or snowshoeing the bluffs following animal tracks in the snow, at Riverland Outfitters, we’re here to help you enjoy all that nature and this beautiful area has to offer.


    Riverland Outfitters, located in Alma, WI, is situated at the northern end of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. The refuge covers just over 240,000 acres and extends 261 river miles from the confluence of the Chippewa River just north of Alma to Rock Island, IL. At Riverland Outfitters, we provide refuge maps and information as well as trip ideas. From 3 hours to 3 days, we can help you explore this amazing natural resource.